Ronel Talks Money: Book Review – The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa


The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa is co-authored by the award-winning editor Bruce Cameron and award-winning financial planner Wouter Fourie CFP®. Bruce Cameron is the now semi-retired. He is the founding editor of the Independent Newspapers Saturday supplement Personal Finance and the quarterly Personal Finance magazine. Bruce is the winner of almost 50 journalism awards for his work on exposing unacceptable practices in the financial services industry.

A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Share with us why you spent a career in personal finance?
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in SA – why did you write this book?
  3. What is the biggest differentiating factor between a South African planning for retirement and the rest of the world planning to retire?
  4. How much is enough?
  5. Are the traditional retirement products – pension funds, provident funds, retirement annuities – still the way to go?
  6. What are good alternative options to substitute retirement savings?
  7. Health care in retirement – what tips can you give people to keep medical costs down?
  8. Behavioural finance and personality types – how does it impact on retirement planning?
  9. On average women have far less retirement savings but have a longer life expectancy than men – what advice can you give to women about retirement planning?
  10. What are the key tax implications with regards to retirement planning that people should take into consideration?
  11. The impact of Covid-19 and low interest rates?
  12. How to beat inflation during times when investments are not performing well?
  13. How to avoid scams?
  14. For somebody who is a few years away from retirement realizing they do not have sufficient savings available – what tips can you give to people who have limited time left before retirement?
  15. What are the key points you want readers to take away when reading the Ultimate Guide to Retirement?

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