I aspire to live my best life, to reach my full potential and to build my dream lifestyle. I want to live a healthy, active, happy and financially fit life.

My wish is to inspire and help others to have that too. Because all of us CAN realize our dreams.

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My dream was to find something in life where I could combine my passions, experience, qualifications and expertise to make an impact in the lives of others. Today I help multiple people to live their best lives and businesses to become more successful.

“I built a successful career as a Chartered Accountant in a senior leadership position at one of the largest listed corporate financial services companies spanning more than a decade. Despite climbing the corporate ladder and earning a lot of money, I wasn’t entirely happy and fulfilled though. The long hours and extreme pressurized environment eventually had a negative impact on my health and emotional wellbeing. Although I enjoyed my job, I wasn’t madly in love with it. I believed there had to be something better in life for me. Other people are doing what they love and earn money for it. I wanted that for my life too. My desire was to find and live my purpose. I wanted to do more, be more and achieve more. I wanted to make a bigger impact in people’s lives and reach my full potential. I wanted to be healthy, active, happy and financially free. I wanted to live my best life – the dream lifestyle I envisioned for myself and I believe God intended for me to live.  

At the end of 2015 I left the corporate world to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations and to also initiate my journey to find my true passion and purpose. Together with my sister we started a guesthouse that we built from scratch with no experience or database of clients. Thereafter, I started my financial consulting company. It was an extremely tough and difficult journey with multiple challenges to overcome. Many sleepless nights, stress, tears, disappointments, days that I wanted to give up, being out of my comfort zone and feeling frustrated. All that kept me going was my bigger dream and vision for my life.     

4 years later: I am doing what I love running two successful businesses. I received 9 business awards / nominations during 2019, yes I must be doing something right too. I was featured in the international Woman Entrepreneur magazine as one of the Top-10 inspirational female entrepreneurs for 2019 – I feel content knowing that I am making a difference. My book Financially Fit and Wealthy was published and won an award, a dream I had since childhood. I am speaking at multiple events and companies, I conquered one of my biggest fears. I am in a happy relationship, can focus on my health and fitness and have set-up multiple income streams. I am building my dream lifestyle. Every day I get closer to living my best life. No I am not there yet, but I made significant progress which I am proud of. I realized living your best life is a journey, something that you need to work towards on an ongoing basis – reflecting, realigning, refocusing and determination are important aspects of the journey.

By sharing the lessons learned from my journey and using my qualifications and experience I am making an impact in the lives of people and businesses.”        

Accredited Speaker

Ronel is a dynamic speaker aiming to inspire, educate and empower audiences. Her financial talks and sharing lessons learned from her journey are popular topics. 

Award-winning Author

Ronel is the author of the award-winning book Financially Fit and Wealthy. An easy read to help you improve your financial fitness and ultimately create wealth.

Top-rated Blogger

Ronel’s blogs are rated in the Top-10 South African investment blogs and Top-50 financial planning blogs internationally.

In the Media

Ronel often talks on radio. She has been featured in multiple publications and is the regular contributor of articles for various magazines.

Giving Back

Ronel has founded the Ronel Jooste Dream Foundation aiming to prevent poverty through financial and entrepreneurship education.

Award-winning Entrepreneur

Ronel started FinanciallyFit Group and also owns PhysEQFiT Guesthouse. She received multiple awards as an entrepreneur.



  • Woman in Tourism Nominee – Woman of Stature Annual Awards (2021 TBA)
  • Dubai International Visionary Woman of Wonder Award – Panache International Awards (2020);
  • Featured on the cover of Accountancy SA magazine – March issue (2020);
  • Featured on the cover of Kickass Bosslady magazine – May issue (2020);
  • Featured on the cover of Woman Entrepreneur magazine (international) – May issue (2020);
  • Top-50 Financial Planning Blogs Internationally – www.financiallyfitlife.co.za rated by Feedspot (2020);
  • Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Award Winner in the Financial Sector – CEO Global Pan African Awards (2019);
  • Woman of the Year Overall Winner – I am a Woman, I have a Purpose Annual Awards (2019);
  • Business Woman of the Year Runner-up – Global Women of Purpose Awards (2019);
  • Women of Wonder (WOW) Awards Winner – Panache Internationally Acclaimed Gauteng Awards (2019);
  • AfriCAN Authors Award Winner – Financial Literacy Category, Financially Fit and Wealthy book (2019);
  • Old Mutual CEO Volunteerism Silver Award – Old Mutual Awards (2019);
  • Woman in Finance Finalist – Woman of Stature Annual Awards (2019);
  • Inspirational Female Entrepreneur Top-10 Finalist – Woman Entrepreneur Magazine International Awards (2019);
  • Top-10 South African Investment Blogs – www.roneljooste.com/blog rated by Feedspot (2019);
  • Woman of the Future Nominee – Fair Lady and Santam Awards (2019);
  • Toastmasters International – Competent Communicator CC10 Accreditation (2019);
  • Mrs. Pretoria-Tshwane 2019 1st princess (2018);
  • Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever finalist (2018);
  • Toastmasters International – 2nd-place in the National Club Contest for impromptu speeches (2018);
  • DMI Top 100 SA Difference Maker (2018);
  • National Treasurer of the South African Council for Business Women (SACBW) (2017) and Chairperson for SACBW Centurion (2017).

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