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In this Ronel Talks Money show we discuss cash flow positive property with Michael Bowen. Michael is a seasoned expert in cash-flow-positive real estate investing, a property professional, an energizing businessman, and an inspirational speaker and coach. He is also the founder of ZAHomes and AirStays.


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A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where did your interest in property start?
  2. Tell us more about ZAHomes and what you do?
  3. You also founded AirStays. Tell us more about it.
  4. Considering we went through a pandemic, the economic and political challenges we face in South Africa – is property investing still a good investment?
  5. Airbnb and Multi-lets/Student accommodation – are these still viable options knowing that lockdown changed certain dynamics – remote / online, less traveling for business etc.?
  6. What should an investor interested in multi-lets know before they go this route?
  7. Cashflow-positive versus equity positive – what is the difference and how does an investor achieve that?
  8. What are the key financial indicators that property investors should consider?
  9. Investing in personal name versus company – pros and cons?
  10. Funding / money is often the biggest challenge or perceived challenge for potential investors. How easy is it to get funding and what tips do you have for investors?
  11. How would an investor know whether a property deal is legitimate or not?
  12. Tips for somebody who wants to start building an investment property portfolio.


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Website: www.MeetMichaelBowen.com


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