Ronel Talks Money: Buying & Selling Property


Buying or selling a property is probably the biggest transaction when it comes to money that you will ever do. There are plenty of important things you need to consider when buying and selling property and not knowing all these important factors can cost you a lot of money over the long run. In this Ronel Talks Money show, Abrie Snyman, a town and regional planner as well as founder of Multiprof Property Intelligence informs us how to avoid costly mistakes when buying or selling property.

A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Please tell us more about Multiprof and what you do?
  2. What are the biggest money mistakes people make when buying property? (outstanding levies, outstanding electricity bills etc.)
  3. How important is it to know what developments are planned for the area where you plan to buy and how will you typically get to know about it?
  4. For people planning to start business activities at their residential property or build additional houses, when would obtaining business rights / trade licences and possible rezoning be required?
  5. For existing properties, what kind of improvements would require for the building plans to be updated? (wendy house, pool, lapa, carport etc.) Can outdated building plans cause problems when selling your property?
  6. What should you be aware of when buying a property with regards to building plans?
  7. What is an occupational certificate and when is it needed?
  8. What are the requirements with regards to a certificate for electricity?
  9. If you bought a property and then realize the building plans, electricity, business rights etc. are not in place – what can you do?
  10. Buying sectional titles – what should people be aware of?
  11. Given all your experience, what tips can you give the viewers to look out for to avoid costly mistakes when buying or selling property?


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