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In this Ronel Talks Money show we discuss all things finance related. Christiaan Jansen, a finance specialist from ‘at threesixty finance’ shares great financing tips. Whether you consider buying a new home, want to invest in property, want to start a business, struggle to get financing as an entrepreneur, consider alternative funding solutions, you will benefit from this discussion. Christiaan also gives advice how to save on your home loan.

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A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Tell us more about at threesixty finance and what you do?
  2. Buying a residential property – is a bond / home loan through a commercial bank still the best route to go?
  3. How would financing your primary residence and an investment property be different?
  4. What are the costs you need to consider that a bond / home loan will most likely not cover?
  5. Should you buy property cash (or pay a big deposit) or rather finance most of it?
  6. What are the things (requirements) that banks look at when applying for finance?
  7. Buying an investment property in your own name versus in a company – what are the pros and cons?
  8. There is a perception that entrepreneurs struggle to get finance – is it true and what can entrepreneurs do to enable them to buy property?
  9. If you cannot manage to get a bond approved at a bank, what alternative solutions are available for people who would like to start an investment property portfolio?
  10. For people considering venturing into agriculture – is it difficult to obtain finance and what should you know about?
  11. Business financing – there is a perception that banks / credit providers only cater for businesses who are doing well financially and need big amounts of finance. Are there solutions for start-up businesses / start-ups who don’t yet have a stable financial track record, who don’t necessarily have the capacity to make millions and who only need small amounts of financing?
  12. What tips can you give to people to save on their home loan?
  13. South Africans have huge levels of debt, how can people avoid the debt trap?
  14. For people who have a business idea or want to invest in property but struggle to get finance, what would your advice be?

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