Ronel Talks Money: Know Your Credit Score


In this Ronel Talks Money show we talk about all things credit. Know your credit score and why is it important to maintain a good credit score. Where and how can you obtain your credit report? Can a poor credit score count against you when applying for a new job? Thinus Nortje the CEO of VeriCred Credit Bureau answers all your credit questions.

A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Briefly tell us about VeriCred and what you do? Explain credit bureau in layman’s terms.
  2. Explain credit record and credit score in layman’s terms.
  3. What information will a credit record typically reflect?
  4. Will your credit report also reflect items like outstanding doctors’ bills, rental payments outstanding etc.?
  5. What are the factors that determine your credit score? How is it calculated?
  6. What are considered good and poor credit scores?
  7. What is a credit score used for?
  8. Will your credit score be the same at all credit bureaus?
  9. What to do if you disagree with what is reflecting on your credit report?
  10. Where can the viewers obtain their credit report / score? Frequency and costs
  11. Who has access to your credit report details?
  12. What can you do not to negatively impact on your credit score when you are retrenched, or your business must close, and you no longer have income to service your debt?
  13. Can a poor credit score count against you if applying for a job?
  14. If your partner incurs a lot of debt and mismanages debt, can it impact on your credit score?
  15. What tips can you give to the viewers to help them maintain a good credit score?

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To obtain your credit report

Website: https://www.vccb.co.za


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