Ronel Talks Money: Book Review – How to Make More Money With Your Business


How can entrepreneurs make more money with their businesses? We are doing a book review of the book ‘How to make more money with your business’ and in this Ronel Talks Money show, the author and CEO of Bizzacc, Karen de Villiers, tells us more about her book and shares tips to help entrepreneurs manage their money better.

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A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Tell us more about yourself and Bizzacc?
  2. Why did you write this book?
  3. Do you believe starting a business is required to create wealth?
  4. What are the biggest money mistakes entrepreneurs make?
  5. Do entrepreneurs know how much money their businesses make?
  6. Psychology behind making money in your business. What is that all about?
  7. 5 basic strategies to turn their businesses into cash generating units. How important is cash flow?
  8. How can you turn a business from barely surviving into a business that grows?
  9. Personal finances / goals versus business finances / goals?
  10. When can a business afford to pay the business owner a salary?
  11. How can financial planning benefit your business?
  12. “…there is a big difference between data capturing and managing your business finances.” Elaborate…
  13. Outsourcing accounting and tax versus doing it yourself?
  14. What is the overall message you want to leave the readers with?

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