Ronel Talks Money: Book Review – Midlife Money Makeover


In this Ronel Talks Money interview we discuss the book, Midlife Money Makeover by author and director at Chartered Wealth, Kim Potgieter. The book discusses how to deal with money matters that you might face during midlife, how money mindset will create money habits, how to start dreaming again and how to tackle the courageous money conversations.

A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Please tell us more about yourself
  2. What inspired you to write this book?
  3. How would you define or describe ‘midlife’?
  4. In the intro you refer to ‘you didn’t want to sit and watch your investments rise, you wanted to create experiences and money allowed you to do that’. How important is it to enjoy your money?
  5. Courageous conversations – talking about money takes courage. How can people overcome this challenge?
  6. Dream and imagine what is possible. Life can be cruel resulting in multiple dreams being shattered (pandemic). How can people start dreaming again and realizing their dreams?
  7. Your mindset creates your money habits. Tell us more.
  8. Share a few practical money tips for midlife clients.
  9. The retirement reality that midlife clients, who simply haven’t saved enough, face. What is your advice?
  10. What if I lose my job or company – a sad reality for many due to the pandemic. What tips do you have for people facing this challenge?
  11. What are important things for people to consider when planning to emigrate?
  12. What is the message you want to leave readers with?

Recent ‘Ronel Talks Money’ interview: Book Review – Destination Wealth

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