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A most enjoyable Ronel Talks Money interview with Richard Harrington sharing his personal journey from being deep in debt to becoming debt-free to becoming financially free at the age of 24. Quitting his job and becoming a global investor and philanthropist after he studied and applied the investment strategies of Warren Buffett. Richard was featured in the Forbes December 2020 issue alongside his mentor and $80billion stock investor, Warren Buffett.

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A few of the questions we answer in this interview

  1. Share your story with us?
  2. How important is having mentors, financial education and building a network to achieve financial success?
  3. What do you admire about Warren Buffet?
  4. Share with us a few tips from the Warren Buffet investment strategy?
  5. Passive income versus passive wealth?
  6. What is your view in terms of investing – a focussed asset class versus diversification?
  7. For a novice who would like to start investing in shares but have no idea how to analyse companies / shares – where to start?
  8. Do you need a lot of money to start investing in shares?
  9. Best ways to mitigate your risks when investing in the stock market?
  10. Forbes – how to profit from a recession?
  11. SA market or USA market or both?
  12. Importance of timing the market – when to buy or sell?
  13. Good industries to invest in right now?
  14. Tips for people who want to become financially free?

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