Ronel Talks Money: Investing in Gold


In this Ronel Talks Money Interview we discuss investing in gold. Although we hear and see the gold price being quoted on a daily basis, investing in gold is still an unknown territory for many investors. How is the gold price derived? What are the pros and cons when investing in gold? Why is gold known to perform well during a recession?

In this interview I talk to David Melvill who is passionate about gold. David has more than 26 years of experience as financial advisor and in recent years specializing in gold. In 2002 he founded the Financial Hub. He is an aspiring journalist and has written financial articles for BizNews, Moneyweb, Gateway News and now recently the Montagu Mail.

A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Please explain the process of investing in gold in layman’s terms?
  2. How is the gold price determined?
  3. What factors have an impact on the price of gold?
  4. What are the pros and cons of investing in gold?
  5. What is the biggest difference between gold and your other asset classes?
  6. There are many scammers out there. How can people ensure their investment is legitimate and the ‘real deal’?
  7. If you want to start investing in gold – what is the process to follow and the minimum investment required?
  8. Tell us about the safekeeping process and insurance?
  9. Is it easy to sell the gold in your portfolio?
  10. What are the costs involved?
  11. What are the tax implications?
  12. Gold always performs well during a recession. What is the reason for that?

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