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In this Ronel Talks Money Interview we discuss an exciting new investment opportunity – impact farming. What is it all about? How can investors invest but also contribute positively towards making an impact in South Africa? What can investors expect?

Fedgroup introduced impact farming as an investment venture whereby investors can invest in blueberry bushes, honey (beehives) or solar panels. Apart from buying assets and receiving returns on the investment, investors also make a bigger impact by supporting farming ventures and creating jobs. Established in 1990, Fedgroup has grown into a leading independent financial services group and is an authorised Financial Services Provider. In this interview, CFO of Fedgroup, Sheldon Friedericksen, tells us more about this exciting new investment opportunity.


A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Explain the concept of impact farming in layman’s terms? (also owning the asset concept)
  2. Tell us about the different options (blueberry, honey, solar) available and the pros or cons of each?
  3. Why did Fedgroup choose blueberries, honey and solar as ventures?
  4. There is a bigger social impact involved than the standard investment. How can this type of investing benefit South Africans in terms of job creation, food security, strengthen the economy?
  5. Do you need agriculture knowledge to become an investor or can anybody do it?
  6. What is the basis of calculating the returns?
  7. How soon after investing can you expect to see returns?
  8. How do you start if you want to invest?
  9. Do you need a lot of money to invest and what is the minimum investment requirement?
  10. How is investing in impact farming different from your traditional investments?
  11. What are the risks attached for the investor and how can you mitigate your risk?
  12. What has an impact on the returns you can receive i.e. economy, interest rates, politics, weather conditions, natural disasters etc.?
  13. Is it easy to access your money or disinvest?
  14. What about fees and tax?

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