Enjoy the month of love even if your budget is tight.

Love is in the air! It is February and Valentine’s Day is probably one of the events on the annual calendar with the largest expenditure attached to it. Many people go full out to show their love for that special person on Valentine’s Day irrespective the costs involved. Unfortunately not everybody has unlimited funding to splash out during the month of love. You can still treat that someone special with a tight budget. Here are a few ideas:

  • The majority of people value time and attention more than expensive gifts. Devote your time and attention to that special person in your life.
  • Breakfast in bed is on many people’s wish list. Wake up early and prepare a delicious breakfast and serve it to your loved one in bed.
  • Prepare a candlelight dinner at home with romantic music. Buy the ingredients in advance to avoid inflated prices during this period. Preparing dinner yourself will be more cost-effective than eating out and your loved one will appreciate you for your effort.
  • Due to the commercialised nature of Valentine’s Day buying flowers during this time, is exceptionally expensive. Consider picking flowers from your garden and use your own creativity to make it look unique and special. Alternatively buy a plant or tree for the garden. It will last a long time and will create special memories as you watch it grow.
  • You can have a moonlight picnic in your own garden with delicious food, good wine, candles, playing music in the background and watching the stars.
  • Spoiling somebody with a romantic bath filled with bubble bath and rose petals, surrounded by candles and soft music while enjoying champagne and snacks is always a winning idea.
  • Movie night at home watching a love story enjoying pizza, popcorn and wine.
  • If you partner loves the spa, why not becoming a loving massage therapist for the evening? Aroma oils, creams and candles do not cost a fortune.
  • Fill the bedroom with plenty of balloons; every balloon containing a hand-written, special message.

Enjoy the month of love even if your budget is tight. It is however more important to treat your partner with respect and showing your love and appreciation throughout the year than going over-board on Valentine’s Day.

Source of article: PhysEQFiT blog.

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