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If you would love to invest in property, but don’t want to commit for a long-term or feel unsure about the future of physical properties in South Africa, this might be the ideal investment opportunity for you. An opportunity to invest in property development funding where you can earn fixed returns and only need to commit for 12-16 months at a time. Nick Morgan, MD and Co-founder of Opportunity Private Capital joins us on the Ronel Talks Money show to tell us more about this unique investment opportunity.

Investment Opportunity Ronel Jooste

A few of the questions we answer in this interview:

  1. Tell us more about Opportunity and what you do?
  2. Explain your concept whereby investors invest in the property development phase to us in layman’s terms?
  3. How is this concept different from the traditional investing in physical property, Real Estate Investment Trust, and property shares?
  4. What are the pros and cons?
  5. What are the risks involved and how do you mitigate those risks?
  6. What are the types of returns investors can expect and when?
  7. Your returns up until now are beating inflation, do you feel confident that you can continue to deliver returns that beat inflation?
  8. What does your typical investor profile look like?
  9. What is the minimum investment requirement and period of the investment?
  10. What are the legalities involved?
  11. Is there any option available for an investor who urgently needs the money?
  12. What are the costs / fees involved?
  13. What are the tax implications?
  14. How can an investor ensure they deal with a reputable and legitimate company / concept?

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To learn more about the property development funding opportunity

Website: http://www.opportunity.co.za/ronel-jooste/index.html


Investment Opportunity Ronel Jooste

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