Live Your Best Life

Calling all people who aspire to live their best life, but feeling demotivated or don’t know where to start, are you ready to be empowered? Ronel Jooste launched the 30 Day Challenge to Live your Best Life that aims to guide you on a journey of motivation, self-discovery and a renewed attitude in building your dream life and business. Every day for 30 days you will receive inspirational advice and lessons learned in life and business from Ronel via e-mail with tips, tools and challenges.

Join me on this 30-day journey to live your best life. It is time to reflect, re-adjust, refocus and taking action. 


The 30-day e-mail program covers the following main topics: 
  • Take care of your health and fitness despite a busy schedule
  • Create financial independence and build wealth
  • Find that illusive balance in your life
  • Become more effective in your career / business
  • Become a successful leader by being kind and humble
  • Get to know and love yourself
  • Adopt a positive mindset and believe in yourself
  • Become emotionally strong, content and focused
  • Write your own success story
  • Have a vision for your life and turn that vision and dream into reality

Are you ready to take the step?

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Page by page until it develops into a chapter. Until it develops into a book and eventually into a top-seller.

What you will be receiving for only R199 once-off:


  • 30 daily e-mails filled with inspiration, lessons learned and practical tips that you can apply in your personal life and career / business to help you live your best life;
  • A FREE workbook to help you reflect, plan and start taking action to live your best life;
  • A FREE Financial Goalsetting Workbook;
  • A FREE ‘7 Strategies to Become Financially Free’ e-book; and
  • Discount on other products.

Only you can make the choice.

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Life is a journey for you to enjoy and live to the fullest.

Start dreaming again.

Reach for the stars.

You absolutely can have it all.


In a world where adulthood is all about rushing after your next sale, your next event etc, we tend to loose focus of the basics in life..like your health, well being, the importance of family and friends and their support. We rush into a world full of ‘nothingness’ if we don’t look after ourselves, physically and emotionally. With the 30 day live your best life I realised that going back to basics is where success starts! If you have a healthy mind, body and soul you are more then capable delivering the best of you to yourself, your family, friends, work etc. The 30 day live your best life has reminded me to stop, to breath, to plan and to ensure I live the next 30 odd years the best way possible. Everything starts with a mind shift from yourself… whether it is about your future, your finances, your health, all of that begins when you decide today is the day I choose to live my best life! And to always remember you have your family army right behind you to support you! This program was worth every cent, so easy to read and to understand. This was written from Ronel’s own experience from the past, which makes it more powerful as that is where her journey started to live her best life! With a single step! Thank you Ronel for sharing your tips and stories with us! I was sad when the 30 days ended as it became part of my morning routine..to read your emails. These tips I will take with me for the rest of my life!

Nadia Veldman

Wow its great! I have learned a lot. I especially enjoyed the financial lesson about saving money and explaning the difference between wants and needs.

Bongani Mdletshe

This is a really great program to reflect and re-adjust. I was part of the initial program launch intake, I loved it and can highly recommend it! I am going to run through it again to keep on track.

It is small, bite-sized readings and exercises that don’t take much time out of one’s day and gives one a great kick start to the day. Simple but powerful! 

Gail Hutchings

The program is crafted in such a way I found realistic. I got to learn from your experience. I read the daily emails first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, and then again in the evening when I took notes as though in class. I personalised the tips as though asking myself or rather prompting myself into action. I believe putting into action your advice and tips will definitely get me onto my desired path. Given the current situation locally and globally which will greatly impact on anyone, it is important that we learn useful mentally, financial and physical fitness habits. This is an amazing and helpful program for anyone looking to refocus, restrategise and get a grip on their lives. 

Thank you for the program. I have learnt a lot and will definitely put what I learnt into practice.

Chituwa Membe

“I want to live a healthy, active, happy and financially fit lifestyle. I am creating the lifestyle I dream about. I live my purpose. I aspire to live my best life and by sharing the tips and lessons learned from my journey, I want to inspire other people to achieve that too.”


Program designed by RONEL JOOSTE
  • Multiple award-winning serial entrepreneur
  • Owner of PhysEQFiT Guesthouse – built from scratch into successful business in 3 years
  • CA(SA) with more than a decade of experience in the corporate financial services industry
  • Author of the award-winning book Financially Fit and Wealthy
  • Featured in the international Woman Entrepreneur magazine as Top-10 inspirational female entrepreneurs (only South African)
  • Inspirational, financial and business speaker and accredited Toastmaster
  • Avid property investor and Top-10 South African investments blogger
  • Passionate about educating people about finances and entrepreneurship
  • Founder of the Ronel Jooste Dream Foundation
  • SA Top-100 Difference Maker and Mrs Pretoria-Tshwane 2019 1st princess
  • Fitness fanatic and qualified personal fitness trainer
  • Love travelling and travelled to more than 30 countries


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